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Local: 661-836-7878

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"I highly recommend Dr. Paul Guiney's Chiropractic Office. I was severly injured in an accident. Dr. Guiney thouroughly examined, x-rayed and treated me in a very effective yet gentle manner. Dr. Guiney relieved my severe pain with gentle adjustments and massage therapy. I feel lucky that I was referred to Dr. Guiney."

Jesse, Bakersfield

"When I experienced severe low back pain, I knew exactly where to go; Dr. Paul Guiney's Performance Chiropractic Clinic. He has been our family Chiropractor for over 17 years. He helped me recover through his gentle adjustment techniques and nutritional advice. My wife and childern are also patients of Dr. Guiney. We rely on him to keep us healthy."

Bill, Bakersfield

"Dr. Guiney and his staff really kept me going. I rely on Dr. Guiney to help me when I experience back pain. My husband and children, 7,9, and 12, are also treated at Preformance Chiropractic to relieve any pain and also keep their spines aligned and healthy. I feel Dr. Guiney is both very knowledgable and affordable. I would highly recommend his services. "

Tammy, Bakersfield